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Every Brand Has
A Story To Tell.

At Storygize, we are constantly innovating and partnering with brands to help them transform the way they connect with new audiences.

We believe true connections begin with a brand’s unique story and that native is the best way to get that story in front of relevant audiences.

We Transform Native Into A Strategic And Scalable Channel.

We partner with brands and agencies to scale native into a more strategic and measurable part of the media mix. We deliver highly targeted native ad campaigns that generate awareness, engage relevant buyers and maximize ROI. We are committed to providing brands the highest level of performance, accountability and results.

Proprietary Technology Built
For Native Ad Performance.

Our performance marketing background and proprietary technology work together to help our clients find greater results in the native arena. We combine the disciplines of content marketing and programmatic advertising, with two decades of ad-technology development experience, to maximize your brand’s success.

It’s Our Approach To Native That Makes Us Different

From campaign planning to strategy, execution and measurement, we help brands go beyond the walled gardens and make programmatic native a strategic workhorse within their digital media mix.

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Everything You Need To Know
About Native Advertising
How to create quality content for your native campaign

Having the right storylines (landing page & ad creative) has a huge impact on the success of your campaigns. However, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that everything needs to be perfect before you begin. Assemble storylines using your site’s navigation pages and the content that addresses questions that your customers have when considering to buy from you. Run mini experiments to gauge audience engagement and conversion. Use data- backed learning to improve your ad content and landing page messaging. Change a few variables at a time to better understand cause and effect.

How to create high performing native ad campaigns

Native ad campaigns can achieve both brand and direct response objectives while delivering a positive brand experience. But, that doesn’t happen by accident. Native is a powerful prospecting channel. It provides brands a voice in the upper and middle part of the sales funnel where user-generated content often dominates the conversation. Native is also effective at connecting the top and bottom of the funnel when specific content is created to influence purchase consideration and to help close the sale. Native as a medium works best when presenting readers with interesting and useful long-form content. Once audiences have expressed genuine interest in your brand and message, consumers are more likely to take action on promotional messages presented down the line.

How to use story sequencing in native

Story sequencing is an important tactic for all marketers to perpetuate ongoing conversations that interest your customers and keep sales opportunities alive so you can close them. At Storygize, we believe native is a conversational channel. It’s an opportunity for marketers to spend less time selling and more time convincing people to want to buy. On average, consumers will visit a brand’s site several times before making a considered purchase (i.e. items over ~$100 or things you put in or on your body). Failure to answer common questions and concerns leave a brand susceptible to competitors that are doing a better job answering questions and removing pain points.

The effectiveness of story sequencing

We believe your site/blog content should work hard. It’s an opportunity to introduce your brand, share what you stand for and create a deeper connection with your audience. It’s an opportunity to make a series of arguments that build trust and to convince your audience why your brand is right for them. Think of the questions your brand commonly invokes in prospect customers. How do you answer those questions? Story sequencing provides an opportunity for marketers to answer common pre-purchase questions and concerns by directing the conversation to different pieces of content, either on their site or on a 3rd party site, while forming a compelling argument to buy.

How to write effective native articles

Boring headlines are written for Google, not real people. Know your audience. Break them down into different buyer personas. Do your homework so you can be different and tell more compelling stories than your competitors. Entice your audience with something of value (e.g. informative, educational or entertaining) at each point in their purchase decision journey versus constantly pushing promotional offers and talking about product features and how great your brand is.

Using native headlines to your brand’s advantage

Native ads (i.e. headlines, images and description copy) should always link to relevant landing pages. Bait and switch tactics (e.g. a headline offering the reader to learn something that links directly to a lead form with little or no actual content) deliver a poor user experience and damages your brand. Write around 10 to 15 headlines per landing page. Use data and not opinions about which creative combinations perform best. Click through, engagement and conversion rates are good voting proxies for which creative combinations your audience likes best.

How to choose the right native ad images

As the old proverb goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In today’s in-feed native ad environments the saying is especially true. Visual imagery should be powerful enough to express your message by itself, even if your audience doesn’t read your headline. Marketers must know what they want to convey and what imagery will attract their ideal audience. If you are not sure, that’s okay. You don’t need to be a creative sage to pick the right images. After doing your homework, go with your gut and use data to inform which images actually perform the best in conjunction with the headlines.

What to look for when analyzing native ad campaign content data

A common promise of native is achieving higher click through rates (CTRs) than those of banner display ads. While this is typically true, focusing on CTRs alone—or placing too much emphasis on them—leads to eventual failure. Instead, in addition to CTRs, focus on signs of human interactions beyond the click. Look at engagement metrics like active content engagement (e.g. scroll depth, mouse movements) versus passive content engagement (e.g. page loads or time on page). Additional metrics to evaluate are the number of engaged users/sessions, average scroll-depth on landing pages relative to CTAs and sitewide engagement. This will provide important insights into the ability of your content to interest and engage target audiences.

The Storygize native ads platform is a proprietary programmatic native DSP (Demand Side Platform) built for distributing marketing content via native ads. Our technology platform was built to overcome the challenges marketers face when attempting to turn native into a strategic, scalable and profitable customer acquisition channel.

Unlike retrofitted display DSPs that manage multiple ad channels and every SSP available, our technology is specifically designed for content distribution via native. Our native ads platform was built by experienced ad technologists and performance marketers with an understanding that consumers respond differently to native ads and purposely built a technology stack that continuously adapts to the constant need to drive peak performance.

Full Funnel Native

We only work with the highest quality sites while applying the most advanced targeting methods and utilizing advanced automation through machine learning to deliver superior results across a full range of both brand awareness and direct response campaign KPIs.

Self-Serve Platform

We offer the option to run campaigns yourself or let us help with our managed services. The self serve platform gives access to a suite of tools and reporting that are designed to streamline every aspect of campaign setup and management; including: tagging, creative uploading and campaign optimization.

Ad Inventory

A surplus of ad inventory is very different than having access to premium ad inventory. We are relentless in our pursuit of acquiring high quality ad inventory for our customers while eliminating wasted ad spend. Only the best will do. We manually review all sites we buy from and pair with data verification to block fake news sites and negative sentiment. This also give us the opportunity to eliminate low quality arbitrage sites and only buy from sites that consistently add value to campaign results.

Ad Targeting

Get the right story in front of the right user at the right time and place. Editorial context is a cornerstone of effective native advertising. We utilize a proprietary contextual targeting engine and deliver a full suite of data targeting capabilities (e.g. Proprietary Storygize user interest segments, lookalike modeling, user re-messaging, story sequencing and first and third party data targeting).

Advanced Automation

Humans are best at creating strategy and setting direction. Computers are best at analyzing the vast amounts of data needed for statistically relevant decisioning. Our platform eliminates the need to manually pull optimization levers, freeing traders to be more strategic and creative. We use machine learning and smart automation to ensure ad spend yields the highest possible return and makes each publisher prove their value. We built the platform from the bottom of the marketing funnel to the top in order to solve for many of the challenges marketers face when buying directly from publishers, networks and legacy DSPs. The combination of automation and machine learning truly reflects the next generation in DSP technology.

Ready To Make Native Work For You?

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