"Storygize’s performance exceeded our expectations by 3x.”

Our Approach

To reach the right audience while they were consuming relevant content, with the goal of increasing purchase intent, we implemented a tactical combination of running across a list of premium endemic sites, proprietary page level contextual & user interest segment targeting, as well as a specially curated keyword list. 

Our real-time bidding technology and creative optimization capabilities allowed us to not only hit, but exceed benchmark goals within the first 48 hours of launch and continue to do so throughout the duration of the campaign. 

Our in-house Creative Studio assisted in developing unique and engaging headlines along with eye-catching imagery, which enabled us to keep the brand’s positioning in-market relevant and ahead of the competition. 



The campaign was a complete success. We surpassed the client’s CPC & CPM efficiency goals by 2x and were the #1 in ‘Click to Cart’ across all media plan partners.