"Storygize developed a creative and content strategy that resonated with our target audience. They have been an invaluable partner in helping us formulate which education programs to promote to which audiences throughout the year." 

Chris Mumford, Sr. Manager, Owned & Earned Media 


Online education leader, Western Governors University, wanted to reach and engage adults interested in furthering their education and get them to visit their website to learn more about the many benefits of becoming a WGU student.


Our Approach

We started by segmenting the different education programs and developed a unique messaging plan for each program and audience persona. We then curated ad images and created multiple headline combinations to run within native ad formats.

To reach the different target audiences, we used proprietary audience interest data, page-level contextual, and keyword targeting. Proprietary AI-led optimization, dynamic content optimization, and our unique engagement scoring technology worked together to deliver eCPMs 59% below target while ensuring media spend went toward only the best-performing ad creative and the publishers delivering the most highly engaged audiences.



We successfully drove site engagement for online education leader Western Governors University by reaching and engaging adults interested in furthering their education. KPIs for the campaign were CTR and website content engagement.

2x Higher CTRs than Benchmark
2:06 Average Landing Page Engagement Time