Built into the core of Our Technology

No add-ons.Pure Performance.

Active Engagement Metrics.

Multi KPI Optimizations.

Real Time Outcome Optimizations.

Predictive Targeting.

App+Site Inventory Search.

Multivariate Creative Reporting.

Page-level Contextual.

Frequency Capping.

Day Parting.

Planning and Buying.

Plan and execute campaigns across channels, screens and devices with tools and insights to align objectives, plans, and KPIs.

Execute Cross Channel Campaigns

Plan and buy real-time supply path optimized inventory, cross channel frequency capping, ad sequencing and performance fluidity.

Inventory Transparency and Insights

Access organized and transparent publisher inventory by open-exchanges, private marketplaces, ad formats and supply channels.

Budget Automation and Allocation

Budget tools enable fixed and fluid budget shifting across multiple campaign key performance indicators, ad-groups and line items.

Whether you are looking for a self-serve programmatic advertising platform, managed service, or a hybrid, we are here to help you achieve better campaign outcomes.

The Platform

Execution and Performance.

Execute elaborate campaigns utilizing wizard style tools, simplified creative uploads, cloning, and detailed customization features.

Weighted, Multi-Goal Setting

Establish and weigh the importance of multiple goals/KPIs to campaign success and use our machine learning to optimize outcomes.

Audience Engagement Optimization

Optimize campaign performance beyond the click using active audience engagement data to drive the most engaged audiences.

Dynamic Creative Automation

Budget automatically shifts to the best performing creatives based on integrated multivariate testing and machine led optimization.

The Platform

Measurement and Insights.

Proprietary audience measurement, customizable exports, and performance dashboards save time and make it easier for analysts to extract key insights.

Active Engagement Analytics

Measure, report and optimize in real-time to audience engagement thresholds on a landing page and website.

Detailed Creative Insights

Creative reporting and dashboards showing a detailed view into which creatives delivered the best performance.

Customizable Dashboards

Customizable dashboards make it easier to present, share and monitor real-time campaign performance.

Our Inventory, Data, Brand Safety + Measurement Partners

Direct path curation of premium, vetted supply sources and publishers. Integration with the best programmatic campaign partners.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We were expecting a home run, but Storygize hit a grand-slam!

Dave HennessyAssociate Director, ProgrammaticMerkle B2B

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    What Our Clients Are Saying

    We were expecting a home run, but Storygize hit a grand-slam!

    Dave Hennessy

    Associate Director, Programmatic
    Merkle B2B

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