“The customers Storygize drove to our client’s site proved to be actively engaged in consuming Troy-Bilt content, a metric we consider to be a valuable measure of both user interest and purchase intent.”

Lisa Holmgren Sr. Media Planner, Marcus Thomas, LLC


Build brand and product awareness during the highest point in seasonal demand for Troy-Bilt, a leading manufacturer of outdoor power and lawn care equipment. Key Performance Indicators for the campaign were landing page engagement, site engagement, and CTR.

Our Approach

To reach the right audience while they were consuming relevant content, we implemented a combination of top endemic sites and proprietary page level contextual targeting. To ensure money was spent distributing the most resonant content, we set out to quickly learn which ad messages and landing pages attracted the highest levels of interest from homeowners that do their own gardening and landscaping. The campaign ran 12 landing pages focusing on different product categories with more than 200 different creative permutations.

Real-time creative optimization quickly funneled ad spend to the highest performing combinations of images and headlines within the first days and weeks of the campaign. Proprietary engagement technology was used to measure and optimize audience interest levels and performance. Ad spend was allocated in real-time to the best performing combinations of publishers, devices, ad content, and the landing pages that yielded both the highest engagement and click through rates.


The campaign was a success! Ads ran on relevant, premium publishers and generated qualified traffic and engagement at an efficient rate.

$0.57 CPC
0.49% CTR
01:13 Landing Page Engagement
01:32 Site Engagement