“Storygize helped us drive a lot of new users to the site with very high engagement rates.”


The goal was to generate qualified site traffic and content engagement while increasing awareness for specific health care issues and treatment options offered by a high-profile health care facility with state of the art medical services.


Our Approach

The target audience included male and female 50+, as well as friends and families facing serious health conditions. The campaign content included well written articles that provided insights and education into a number of serious health conditions and treatment options being offered.

Storygize produced dozens of headlines and image combinations to capture the attention of the ideal audience. Geo-targeting was used to serve the campaign within the target area. Real-time creative optimization was applied to improve click through rates, while active content engagement signals informed real-time buying decisions and eliminated wasteful ad spend while maximizing content engagement.



0.25% CTR
2:11 (minutes) Time On Page
2:44 (minutes) Time On Site