"The Storygize team has been excellent to work with. They have helped us to develop our creative and advertising strategy, and extended our brand’s reach beyond social media."

Jordan Light, Digital Advertising Manager


Build brand and product awareness while driving cost effi cient sales for Shady Rays, an Independent, American-Owned Sunglasses company. Key Performance Indicators for the campaign were audience engagement and sales.


Our Approach

The target audience was sports and outdoor enthusiasts. To determine the right campaign messages, Storygize partnered with Shady Rays on a brand content audit and discovered much of the content needed to tell a good story already existed. We then worked to align different content with specific campaigns, and created multiple ad headline/image combinations to attract and convert new customers.

To reach the right audience, we implemented a combination of proprietary page level contextual, keyword and data targeting. Ad spend was allocated in real-time to the best performing content combinations, ad placement and devices yielding the highest levels of audience engagement and the lowest cost per sale.



The campaign was a complete success and is still going today! Ads continue to run on relevant, premium publishers and generate qualified traffic and on target conversions. The partnership continues to evolve as a result. We now run campaigns for popular products on an evergreen basis while also introducing audiences to new sunglass designs and Shady Rays products.