Five Common Mistakes Setting Native Ad Campaign Goals

Five Common Mistakes Setting Native Ad Campaign Goals

So you’ve got successful content on your site. All you need now is a winning native ad campaign and you’ll be golden. Setting performance goals is key, obviously, but that’s the easy part. Right? Guess again. In fact this is where many marketers miss their first shot to tally early points for their campaigns.

How to Make Sure You Always Hit the Target with Native Advertising


In the growing world of native advertising, it is increasingly important for marketers to understand their audience. This includes demographics, psychographics, geography, timing, media channels, and a variety of other indicators. This also means reaching the right audience, at the right time, with the right content. We’ve broken down some of the most important targeting categories for you below:

Top 5 Best Methods to Maximize Your Content Marketing

With so many brands doing content marketing, the amount of information and content on the Internet has exploded. In fact, according to Mark Schaefer’s book, “The Content Code,” in 2020 there will be five times more information on the Internet than what was on it in 2015.